Homeless Club Kids, formed in 2002, with their name taken from a song by My Favorite, started their prosperous career by releasing their first single A Brighter View. Even though the single only was released in twenty copies the band was, within a few days after the release, the hottest band in the Gothenburg-indie scene.

Their first live set was at the legendary Starke Adolf club and it was a great success with lots of newly recruited fans in the audience. Their second set was at Bommens Salonger and was an even greater success as the rumour about the new punk band with the awesome Amiga 1200-drum machine-sound had been going for a few weeks.

Homeless Club Kidís second release was a comic written and illustrated by themselves. The comic criticised their new narrow minded bourgeois audience and the liberal press who had come pay attention to them and their music after the set at Bommens salonger.

During their hectic and relatively short career Homeless Club Kids recorded no more than two songs and only released one of them, A brighter view. The second song, a cover of Cannanes Commitment, was only played and heard once, during the set at Bommens salonger, the peak of the Homeless Club Kids era.


  • A Brighter View, CD-single on Made by the Hands of God Records (2002)
  • Homeless Club Kids genombrott i societeten, comic in Full som fan SA-13 (2002)